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My life's adventure - a never ending exploration of things, places, people , Food and culture

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Just call me Jean!

I am a graduate of BS Psychology.  I was employed in different industries, business establishments and educational institutions during my younger years.  I like my profession very much and having a career in Human Resources is the most challenging experience I have had.

Now that I am on my early retirement, I enjoy every bit of my time doing the things I want and had missed when I was employed.  I like travelling and exploring new places.  When I am at home, I love to do home chores, cooking, baking and a bit of gardening.

It is nice to do things without any pressure and doing it at your own pace with enjoyment and peace.  For instance, writing my thoughts and opinions is another hobby I enjoy doing during my leisure time.  I’m not as good as any professional writer, but I remember when I was a child, I normally keep a journal or diary with me.  When I feel the urge of writing anything that comes to my mind, I simply grab my pen and my notebook!! - I have not outgrown this hobby.  I’m sure that some people do the same. 

Apart from keeping a journal or diary, I am also fond of writing my daily tasks or to-do list to keep myself organize and productive. “Staying idle” is not my type. I always want to do something interesting.

With the advancement of technology nowadays – I’ve learnt to do most of these in the computer apart from the usual or traditional way of “pen and paper”!  I even learned to do some tasks online where I earn a bit of money which can be fun!

Anywhere I go and anything I do, I tend to “document” everything; either keeping a journal or taking pictures.  Photography is another hobby that inspires me when I travel.

I do hope “my story” gives you a glimpse of me…..

My online presence may not be consistently active, but I’ll try my best to publish interesting and informative articles in order to shareNinspire you and  my readers.

Thank you for your time and I’m looking forward that you’ll be one of my avid followers.

Cheers!  :-))