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Blog and Blogging –

As we all know “Blog” comes from the word “weblog” (web-log). It is a personal diary or journal which allows a person to share his/her thoughts and ideas online.
While “Blogging”,   is the act of posting content on a blog. 

This has already been a trend nowadays.  It allows us to write and or publish "anything" over the internet. 

It is a bit awkward at first, but you will soon get used to doing it.  It’ll not just past your idle time if you have nothing to do or when you are bored; but it will also stimulate your brain!  You will be inclined to think, and learn to be creative and innovative in writing something sensible and interesting for yourself and most of all for your readers.  

There are different types of blogs.  But this really depends on the individual’s interest on what to blog about.  As for me, I simply want to write informative, interesting and inspiring articles; or anything that comes to mind at a spur of the moment?!

Although, I may not be an expert or professional writer, but writing my thoughts and ideas is one thing I enjoy doing during my leisure time apart from my interest in reading, cooking, baking, travel, music and photography.

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